Catching Up With The Ball Brothers


Catching Up With The Ball Brothers
By Rhonda Frye

Four guys, singing four parts does not necessarily add up to an ordinary quartet. Combining the talent of brothers Daniel and Andrew Ball along with brother-in-law Chad McCloskey and life-long friend, Andy Tharp, the guys have created their own distinct brand of music. Utilizing this fresh sound of unique harmonies accompanied by the timeless message of the gospel, the Ball Brothers are making an impact on the world with their music.

The Ball Brothers fine-tuned their musical brand by crossing into different genres stylistically. “We definitely have a harmony driven sound,” Daniel Ball states. “We take some forms of music that might sound old or some that may sound very new and the glue that holds everything together is the way that we do the harmony. We try not to pin ourselves in a box, but go outside it with the harmony, while singing message driven songs.”

The Ball Brothers intentionally strive to reach a broad audience. “Our slogan is: MUSIC THAT SPANS THE GENERATIONS,’” Daniel explains. “In our era, music has been a divisive issue. People think that you have to like either old music or young music. An area we focus on is bridging that gap and say there is a common ground of music that the whole church can enjoy.”
Daniel says their ministry’s main focus is sharing the gospel. “That’s what separates us from secular artists,” Ball explains. “We sing music that makes a life changing difference.” He also says a big part of their ministry is to be an encouragement to the body of Christ.

The Ball Brothers recently released the single, “Just As I Am” from their latest album PURSUIT to national radio. “Cody McVey, our brother in law who played piano for us for a couple of years and now plays at First Baptist Atlanta- Dr. Charles Stanley’s church, did our arrangements on the album,” Daniel explains. PURSUIT was released by Song Garden Music Group.
In 2015, the guys are excited to take their music outside the United States. “In October, we’re going to Brazil for several concerts over there and will be performing at their National Quartet Convention,” Daniel says. The guys will also return to Northern Ireland this spring and will sing at Canada’s Red Deer Gospel Music Convention.

When asked if there is anything specific the Ball Brothers would like to say to the readers of Southern Gospel Update, Daniel replied, “Pray for us!” He continued, “God has worked on our hearts this year to be flexible to what His plan is for us. We have to be willing to go through the doors God opens and not the ones we’re not supposed to go through. It seems like every time I try to put pen to paper- putting down my plans and aspirations, it seems like God overrides them and puts down what He wants us to do. That is exciting and at the same time a little scary.”

The Ball Brothers also ask for prayer concerning Stephen Ball who came off the road a few years ago due to hearing loss. “Until now, there hasn’t been any good news to share about his situation, but now there are a few surgical options that could possibly restore a significant amount of Stephen’s hearing. We are so excited, but at this time a lot of things are still up in the air. We are excited because medical treatments have advanced in the last few years, and now Stephen possibly has options.”

When the Ball Brothers aren’t on the road, they minister in their local church helping out in the youth ministries and various areas.

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