CD Review: LET MY HEART SING by The Guardians


The Guardians “Let My Heart Sing”
By Rhonda Frye

The Guardians formed 26 years ago and primarily served on the weekends around the Ohio area. Over the years, the ministry has grown tremendously, but recently took a giant step into a new level with the release of a new album, LET MY HEART SING. This new level was described by the late producer, Lari Goss as “Raising The Bar!” Goss said, “Taking music to a new level involves great songs, great singers, good arrangements, and a heart and passion for ministry.” The Guardians have definitely accomplished all of those things with this release; it is a must have!

Many of the songs included are written by the talented, award-winning songwriter, John Darin Rowsey and are delivered with stellar vocal performances by Dean Hickman, Neil Uhrig and Rowsey. The music is masterfully arranged and beautifully orchestrated by Goss. Several selections are considered impactful and moving such as “Be Still And Know,” “Somebody Prays,” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and other songs featured are upbeat and fun such as “Shoutin’ Sounds” and “Get Out Of The Way.”

Holding nothing back, The Guardians have set the standard of excellence and are touching the hearts and lives with this new music. For more information, visit: