Donna King is a TOP TEN FINALIST in the NSAI Song Contest Presented by CMT


Nashville, TN (Feb. 16, 2015) – Donna (Jorgensen) King started her musical journey in Motown. She was born in Detroit, Michigan and spent a good part of her life studying and “doing” music there. From an early age, all she wanted to do was sing, write, and make music.

A little over ten years ago she moved to Nashville, TN and her dreams moved with her. They say an overnight success really takes at least 10 years and, considering the exciting opportunities she’s currently experiencing, that success seems imminent for King.

On February 1, 2015 the Top Ten Finalists in the renowned NSAI Song Contest (Presented by CMT) were announced and her Country song “THIS KIND OF COLD,” was in that select group. The song was chosen out of upwards of 2000 entries.

A producer, songwriter, and artist in her own right, King is well known in Christian music circles, but she’s never had a major cut in Country music. She couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of expanding her musical endeavors as a Country songwriter.

Donna says, “I’m sure it seems crazy, how a city girl could find herself loving and writing Country songs, but, if you knew me back in Michigan, you knew I loved country music. If you ever rode with me to and from my alma mater, Redford Union High School, you heard Country music stations playing in my car. I came to Nashville with many dreams, but one of the biggest was to write and produce Country songs and I’m truly beginning to see that dream come to life. My heart is SO full of gratitude to God and to so many friends and family who encourage me and pray for me along the way.”

The GRAND PRIZE winner of the NSAI Song Contest is determined, solely, by fan vote. There are a little less than two weeks left in the voting process.

Now through February 28th, 2015, Donna will need our help by voting and also by sharing/asking others to vote for her song, “This Kind of Cold,” on the CMT website. You only need to vote one time per person and it’s as easy as selecting Donna’s song, entering your email address and submitting. The direct link to the NSAI CMT Song Contest is Be sure to support Donna King and let others know to vote and share as well.
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