Making The Best of 2015


“Making The Best of 2015″
By Rhonda Frye

Well… We are about 8 weeks into the New Year. Have you kept your resolutions? It is estimated that less than ten percent of people actually keep them. Despite of meaning well and trying hard, most of us just can’t seem to muster up the will power to do those things we set out to do or in some cases, not do. Perhaps our goals are unrealistic, perhaps we’re not ready to make drastic changes and perhaps we’re just undisciplined. Whatever the case, perhaps we can make a resolution to simply make the best out of this year. It’s still early- Let’s make the best out of it! Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get Back To The Basics! There is absolutely no way of living a victorious life without incorporating regular Bible reading, prayer, fasting and church attendance. Everything in life centers around God being the center of your life.

2. Evaluate Core Values! Get alone with yourself and God and figure out those core concepts/ideas/things/people that are most important to you. Let God guide you in defining your value and belief system.

3. De-clutter! Once you’ve determined what is most important in your life, let go of everything hindering you from attending to those things. Sometimes it’s ungodly relationships that need to go. Sometimes it’s volunteer work or other good things. However, we should do what Hebrews 12:1 basically says: Strip off every weight that weighs you down as well as those sins that keep tripping you up. Let those things go!

4. Embrace Your Calling! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and do what God called YOU to do. Don’t be like Martha scurrying in the kitchen cooking a supper that Jesus didn’t order in the first place! Let the Lord tell you what He wants YOU to do and simply do what He says. Learn to say no to everything unless it is truly something God is asking you to do. Only His opinion matters.

5. Start Over Again! We are all a work in process. If and when you fail, get up, dust off and start over again. The worst thing you could ever do is wallow in failure. God is a wonderful God of restoration and is more patient than we could ever comprehend. Trust in His unfailing love to complete the work He started in you.