On The Rise: Red Roots


On The Rise: Red Roots
By Rhonda Frye

Three fiery, red-headed girls are on fire for the Lord and they are burning up the roads getting the Gospel message out! These young ladies are as sweet as they are feisty and happen to be identical triplets. Drenched in talent and rooted in South Mississippi good manners and charm, Red Roots are gathering a significant following of young folks and older folks alike. Red Roots is definitely a band on the rise!

Nika, Natalie and Nicole Taylor are wise well beyond their years. They are mindful that a good bit of their audience consists of younger girls looking up to them as role models. “We have to be accountable for what we do, Nika says. “We try to be tender with little girls or anyone for that matter that may be watching. We think about how we thought of people when we were younger and how we wanted to be treated.”

Nichole adds, “We try to make people feel special. A few words can really make someone feel important. Who we are off the stage is just as important as who we are on stage.”

Red Roots are passionate about singing in secular venues. In fact, they recently returned from a music festival held in Norway! “Right now we mostly play in churches but we are getting invited to more and more secular venues, the girls say. “We still need those churches to support us, but we hope to get into more places where people have never heard the gospel. A lot of times people come up to us crying because they feel something tugging at their heart and they ask what’s going on. We say, ‘That’s conviction. You may not know what’s going on but that’s God talking to you.’ It’s exciting to be the first ones to talk to them about Jesus.”

When the girls aren’t out on the road, they enjoy playing X-Box. They also enjoy fishing- when the weather is warm and also enjoy watching TV as well as attending church. Because they love what they do so much, even in their free time they play their instruments and write songs. Each of the girls contribute something different while songwriting, but it all works together. They enjoy writing songs about real life situations.

The Red Roots have a wonderful support system within the family! “If it wasn’t for our parents we wouldn’t be able to do what we do,” Nika says. “Our parents are retired now and they don’t do anything but work with our music ministry.”

Nicole continues, “Nobody will work harder for you than your family. Nobody is more fun to work with, no one knows you better and nobody is going to love you and stick with it like family.”

Red Roots’ current single, “Great Big Yes” off their latest release, TRIPLICTY has done well on the charts hanging in the top 20 for the last few months. The girls are very excited to release a new music video by late winter, possibly early spring. “We’re excited about this video because it is going to be a great witnessing tool,” Nika explains. “People really ask- ‘Is there anybody out there that cares about me?’ YES, there is something out there that can fill that void, it is God, our creator!”

The Red Roots are looking forward to a busy 2015 and are especially excited to be playing in Texas with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound this year and also playing in New York for the first time in July. Keep up with Red Roots at http://www.theredroots.com/music and watch them continue to rise to the top!