NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 15, 2015) – Since its initial episode on August 3, 2009, hit variety show Larry’s Country Diner airing on RFD-TV has garnered 1.5 million viewers monthly and earned ratings as one of the most popular shows on the network for viewers ages 50 and up (Nielsen). But Larry Black and Gabriel Communications — the masterminds behind the show– could care less about those statistics. They’re just here to give viewers a taste of the ‘real deal.’

A genuine, unrehearsed TV series with no script, no rehearsals and no seasoned actors, Larry’s Country Diner begins with a blink of the red fluorescent “OPEN” sign and rolls straight into a candid, conservative take on relevant topics of the day, a few tasteful, down-home jokes, introductions of top bluegrass, country and Gospel artists who will be stopping by to perform, and a casual toss of the phrase, “Where the cameras are always rolling… [as the audience echoes], and we don’t care!”

In a new hardback book NOW AVAILABLE, one of the show’s lead characters, Renae The Waitress, takes to the pen to reveal her unique “luck-of-the-draw” journey to landing her role on the show, shares thrilling behind-the-scenes secrets and answers some of the most bizarre and frequently-submitted viewer questions.

In the opening chapter entitled, “The Perfect Recipe for A Successful Show,” Renae writes, “I am not sure I am a successful waitress in the eyes of the service industry, but I have passion for what I do. I make sure my inexperience doesn’t feed arrogance, which would surely spell failure. I truly love hearing the theme song and walking through the swinging door onto the set. I am pretty sure on the other side of that door I will be surrounded by people I love, people who love me back. That may sound like a strange statement for a waitress, and most certainly for a television show waitress, but our show definitely doesn’t fit the entertainment mold for success. Or does it?”

The unconventional, true “family” spirit of Larry’s Country Dinerbecomes evident throughout the 16-chapter book, as Renae takes readers on a journey of her life both on the set and off — from her early days of working as a flight attendant for American West airlines, to landing a spot as a contestant on The Price Is Right that nearly gave her a nervous breakdown, to meeting Larry Black and becoming his receptionist, to losing her son, Justin in a tragic car accident which turned her life upside down. She paints a portrait of her authentic near-and-dear relationships with Nadine, Sheriff Jimmy Capps, Larry Black and Keith Bilbrey with full transparency, and in an animated voice graced with sincerity, class and southern charm, she tells her story. From harsh criticisms she’s received from viewers, to the story behind her non-conventional waitress wardrobe, to the making of the food and pies at the diner, to sharing tips to “minding your manners,” the book is a Larry’s Country Diner fan’s sneak-peek into the intricacies of the show on-the-air and off.

In one of the final chapters, Renae even answers numerous fun, off-the-wall viewer-submitted questions like: “Am I related to Larry Black?” “Is Jimmy Capps a real Sheriff?” “Was I a real private investigator?” “Is my hair real and is this my natural color?” and “Is Nadine a man?” And at the very end, readers are treated to a few trade secrets to getting on the waiting list for upcoming live tapings. She writes, “Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to call for Diner reservations and say you’re related to Nadine.” Larry’s Country Diner cast members can be reached at 800-820-5405.

Purchase Diary of a TV Waitress at,, or by calling 800-820-5405.

The special edition book package comes complete with an audio CD of all 16 chapters, read by Renae The Waitress, along with a CD of two original songs written and performed by Renae’s husband and Dove Award/GRAMMY-nominated Christian producer, Phil Johnson.

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