The Taylors: Measure Of Grace


The Taylors brand new CD, MEASURE OF GRACE hit Christian Retail on June 10, 2014. This collection of music is the Taylors’ first release with StowTown Records. StowTown’s co-founders, Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun produced the album. The title cut, “Measure of Grace,” written by Sue C. Smith and Caleb Collins is the first radio single off the project and is being received well.

All of the years spent around the church piano learning to sing harmony has proven to have served the Taylors’ well. This project carries on that tradition of tight, well-blended vocals delivered with energy, enthusiasm and heartfelt emotion. The voices are so intermingled at times, it’s hard to say where one begins and one ends.

This new release is chock full of both great talent AND great songs! In fact, the material chosen was written by the some finest Christian songwriters in our day. Some tunes call for hand clapping and foot stomping, while other songs have you reaching for Kleenex.

Songs about our Christian faith’s main focal point, the Cross will always be among my favorites- That’s because they never get old and never go out of style! “The Cross is Calling,” written by Rachel McCutcheon is a certainly a highlight in this collection. The harmony is beautiful and is musically complimented with a “surprise chord” in the chorus which makes it all the better!
The song destined to melt hearts is “I Tremble,” written by Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun. Wow! This song, directed to God Himself, strikes the most perfect balance between intimacy and reverence. The lyrics are deeply personal and will be especially meaningful to those who understand how to enjoy and experience a very close relationship with Christ. Musically speaking, I love how the beginning of the song lies in the boundaries of Southern Gospel with the sound of the organ, but then builds and transitions into full blown orchestration by the end making it one to transcend genres.

MEASURE OF GRACE is definitely one to please many age groups and is one to unify people of different denominational backgrounds. It is also one to uplift spirits and encourage believers in the Christian faith. Overall, this project is well-rounded, one that highlights the “team-effort” process- meaning it consists of great songs, great arrangements, great music, great production and great vocal performance! It’s an all-around wonderful addition any music library.
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